Hawaii Internee Directory

This is a searchable directory of persons of Japanese ancestry who were arrested and confined in the Territory of Hawaii during World War II. You will find the internee names (romaji and kanji), their place of residence in 1941, occupation, names of family members also interned, and name(s) of site(s) where they were confined. As we were able, we supplemented the directory with photographs, artifacts, and oral history transcripts from the rich collection in JCCH’s Tokioka Heritage Resource Center.

Keep in mind that internees may have Romanized their names differently, at different stages in their lives. To help your search, we have included Romanized variations that can be cross checked with the Japanese kanji. Other internees had Buddhist or artistic names that we included when we could.

This directory is part of a larger database and its accuracy is very important to us. We have searched government records, military documents, internee memoirs, and historical publications for this data. We have rigorously cross-checked the data to confirm its accuracy.